OCTG-Casing and Tubing

OCTG-Casing and Tubing

• Outside Diameter
26,7 mm - 339,7 mm
• Wall Thickness
2,87 mm - 13,06 mm
• Length
5,4 m - 18,30 m

Oil well drilling

• API 5CT certified for plain end casings
• API 5CT certified for threaded and coupled casings
(According to API 5B)
• Full ERW grade range: H40, J55/K55, L80, N80, P110 and Q125
• Proprietary as rolled 80 grade available
• High collapse versions of L80 and P110 grades available

• API 5CT - 0146
• Visual and dimensional inspection
• Mechanical Test: Tensile, Flattening, Expanding
• Steady scarving with 100% weldline ultrasonic testing
• 100% hydrotested
• Consistent wall thickness with oversize drift options available
• Reduced tolerances through statistical process control
• Uniform concentricity, roundness, straightness and cylindricity
• Fully normalized weld zones
• NDT Standards: U/S (ASTM E 213 Level 3)
• Suitable for directional drilling and multiple fracturing operations
• Accredited lab tests and third party inpections available
(full body and weld line UT, EMI, SEA)

•Plain end square cut or high quality API 5B certified threading and coupling
•Premium and semi-premium threads avaialble
•High quality doping agent, coupling and protectors
•Torque controlled coupling application
•External corrosion prevention with durable and environmentally safe coating